This is an ongoing project centered on Sam Anderson, a New York based runner and beverage director, as he builds towards his 4th Boston Marathon.

When he was 16 Sam left his family—and the doomsday cult he was raised in—and fell into a life of drugs, alcohol, and neglect. After twelve years bouncing around the food and beverage scene in Manhattan, he woke up early one morning, put on a pair of shoes, and started running. He's completed six marathons, countless other races, and is a prominent and outspoken figure in New York City's running circles.

This project documents not only the physically demanding process of training for a marathon, but also the emotional and personal toll an individual's life can take, how it shapes the future and, ultimately, how it can be used to understand the past.

[EDIT] The 2020 Boston marathon has been canceled for 2020 due to the ongoing COVID19 pandemic. This project is currently on hold.